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No Matter Your Situation

HomeTrust Advisors has the ability and resources to buy your house for cash right now. Divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, inheritance or just about any other situation, HomeTrust is ready to help you, today. Don’t just “sell your ugly house”, sell your ugly house for more money with HomeTrust.

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Why Sell For Cash?


We’re not a real estate broker or government agency. We have the ability to negotiate flexible terms, payments, and commissions in a way that suits you the homeowner first and foremost. We have substantial financial backing and a network of investors which puts us in a great position to write a check when the deal makes sense for everyone. We don’t need to run everything through a broker and pay high commission rates either, which means more money in your pocket, not the real estate agent’s.

Cost Effectiveness

Avoid high real estate commission fees plus, you won’t have to fix up anything. Our network of buyers purchase homes for cash, as-is. If there are any fees, you’ll know about them upfront, before you make a decision.


Cash sales don’t require banks or mortgage companies.  There are no inspections and no appraisals. That means we can sell your home and put cash in your pocket, fast. We have the title work and any other legal issues streamlined for you at no additional cost.


Don’t be tempted by sharks in the industry who prey on vulnerable homeowners who find themselves in difficult situations. Don’t just “Sell Your Ugly House”, sell your ugly house for more money with HomeTrust Advisors. A free comparable market analysis comes with every offer so you know exactly what your home is worth before agreeing to sell anything.

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Sell your home for cash in as little as 24 hours with Grand Rapids, Michigan based HomeTrust Advisors.

Cash for your home, fast.

  • Get a cash offer in as little as 24 hours

  • Get a report that compares similar homes in your area.

  • No inspections, no appraisals, no banks, no mortgage companies.

    Contact HomeTrust advisors right now to sell your home for cash. Your consultation with one of our expert advisors is free and requires no obligation.